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How Can Anyone Be Sure About Workmanship?

Standards and accreditations can help ...


In the fire and security industries, the standard of workmanship, and the degree of skill with which a product is made or a job is done, can mean the difference between life and death ...

You can be sure of the quality of our workmanship because of our accreditations!

You can be sure of the quality of our workmanship because of our accreditations!

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If your fire detection and alarm system have been shoddily installed by an engineer who doesn’t know any better (or, worse, does know better but doesn’t care), then you may not have the warning and the time that you need to escape a fire.

Likewise, an intruder alarm that doesn’t alert the key-holder or the police to a break-in is useless. An access-control system that doesn’t let anyone in, or that lets everyone in, is at least frustrating and annoying. What about a CCTV system that you find hasn’t recorded the images you want to view is, at best, a waste of time?

"So how can customers know that their fire and security service provider has high standards of workmanship?"

Of course, there are personal recommendations from satisfied customers, but even they may not be aware of all the technical requirements. A car that comes back from a service looking shiny and clean may not have had the oil change and new brake pads that appear on the invoice!

One way is to look for relevant accreditations and memberships of professional bodies. They help to build trust and confidence in the service provider, as you know that they are rigorously assessed on a regular basis by people who know what they’re looking for.

At Picaw, we are registered with SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) which is a leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems and other related services.

SSAIB is approved by the Security Industry Authority and certification by SSAIB is a mark of excellence. Certification is achieved through rigorous assessment against scheme criteria, as well as British and European Standards, maintained by regular and ongoing audits and inspection of installed systems.

SSAIB check all the following, so customers don’t have to:

  • Personnel are screened to the relevant British Standard and identity cards are carried

  • Both management and staff are competent and experienced

  • Insurance cover is in place relevant to the level and nature of work undertaken

  • Premises are adequate for the services and for the security of documentation and records

  • Best practice standards are maintained

  • Sufficient staff and resources are employed, to provide the services offered

  • All relevant British or European standards and codes of practice are complied with

Picaw is also a member of BAFE, the independent registration body for certified fire protection companies, and FIA, the largest fire protection trade association in the UK.

BAFE supports quality standards for fire protection companies and independently acknowledges their competency to provide specific fire protection services.

If you require fire protection services for your premises, then you need BAFE to be sure that the companies that provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited. BAFE is completely independent and includes both large nationals and smaller local businesses who have all achieved the same high-quality standards.

These objective assessments of the quality of our workmanship give the customer confidence that when Picaw design, install, commission and maintain a fire alarm we know what we are doing and we do it to the highest standard.

The same goes for our SSAIB registrations for CCTV systems, access control systems and intruder alarms.

When you see the accreditation and membership symbols on our website and our emails, you can rest assured that our workmanship is of the highest objective standards.

"Would you like to know more?"

If you're considering a new fire and security installation for your premises, or would like to review your existing systems, then do give me a call at Picaw on 0845 287 3622 or click here to send over an email enquiry and let's see how we can help you.

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