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Picaw's 8-Point Plan For Protecting Your Server Room

Ensuring your servers keep running ...


Any servers you have installed on your company's network should be located in a secure area. This can be anything from a simple, locked room to a temperature controlled, dedicated server farm ...

Whatever its size, you need a plan for protecting your server room!

Whatever its size, you need a plan for protecting your server room!

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Wherever your servers are located in your premises, you should be asking important questions as to the location's environment:

  • Temperature - If the temperature of your server room gets too high, they will likely shut down due to overheating, bringing your entire network to a crippling halt. By using sensors, you can monitor the precise temperature at all times so you're always aware if there's a problem.

  • Humidity - While humidity threats are much more unexpected than temperature threats, that doesn't mean they're any better. If the humidity levels are too high, you run the risk of water build up on the components of your equipment which could lead to rust and failure. Humidity levels that are too low are also dangerous! Low humidity leaves electronics susceptible to static electricity, which could severely damage your servers.

  • Power - If you lose power to your server room, you need to know as soon as possible, so you can either restore power or get your backup generators going. You can't afford to lose power to your essential infrastructure and find out later from your customers calling in and complaining. Don't leave yourself in the dark, monitor the power keeping your revenue-generating servers online.

  • Water Damage - If you rarely go into your server room then a slow water leak could steadily build up and cause severe damage. A few drops of water in the wrong place could short circuit several pieces of mission-critical gear, leading to network downtime and lost revenue. Using water detectors can give you an early warning when water is threatening your network.

  • Air Flow - One of the simplest, least expensive, and more effective ways to control the temperature of your server room is to use air flow management. By properly managing air circulation in your computer server room, you can regulate the temperature in a cost effective way. However, if there is a disruption to this flow, or one of your cooling units goes down, it won't be long before your servers execute thermal shutdowns. By using air flow sensors, you can be notified the instant the air in your server room isn't properly circulated.

  • Security - Your server gear is valuable, so it's absolutely key that you physically protect it as well. This is especially important if you have equipment located at a remote site away from your office. You need to know the instant you have an unwanted visitor, otherwise, you could suffer from damaging vandalism or theft.

  • Fire - Fire detection and fire suppression systems can minimise damage in the event of a fire.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - Critical data should be backed up to a location away from the servers and your disaster recovery process should be tested to ensure that any data loss can be recovered in an quick and orderly manner.

Do not take any of the above for granted. Ask questions ...

At Picaw, we've built a robust and secure network with a dedicated server room at its heart that allows us to monitor our customers' security systems and respond to threats promptly.

"And we can help you too!"

Call me on 0845 287 3622 or click here to send me an email enquiry. We'll put your mind at rest by making the right recommendations for your server room and helping you implement them if required.

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