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The Importance Of Your Network Infrastructure

If your network stops working, who do you call?


Network infrastructure is the means by which data travels around your business. This includes physical cabling, network switches, routers, WiFi devices, and fibre or wireless links between buildings ...

Monitoring your network infrastructure 24/7 is critically important for business continuity!

Monitoring your network infrastructure 24/7 is critically important for business continuity!

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If your network develops a fault then most of your business will stop along with it! With more and more devices connecting to your network, and as the complexity of your network grows with your business, what's going to happen when something goes wrong?

Networks start with computers, servers and your point of sale devices!"

New technology developments now demand connectivity for all of these devices to your network. Even printers, hand scanners, CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, building management devices (including heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and energy management) all need to send and receive data. That means more and more critical traffic on your network.

But where does responsibility for your network start and end? Most equipment suppliers such as your Internet Service Provider, Point Of Sale manufacturer and software support companies will not get involved beyond the physical boundaries of their own equipment, and all too often will unjustifiably blame your network infrastructure for problems!

"It is essential to properly plan, monitor and maintain your physical network to ensure business continuity!"

If you use your network for any form of credit/debit card transaction, you are required to comply with the Payment Card industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. This includes the security of your physical network.

If a supplier wants to connect equipment, he needs a network savvy contact to guide his connection, or sometimes even refuse it if the security isn't up to the standards PCI demands. Due regard should be given to ensuring the core network activity and data security (your business activity) is not compromised if any new equipment is connected.

And the same goes for upgrades to your infrastructure. Changes in one small part can impact or affect the performance and/or security of the overall network. Changing or upgrading devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, servers and cabling should be planned well ahead of time to ensure the change is for the good of the business.

Any time you alter the network in any way, you should consider it to be a significant change regardless of how 'minor' that change might initially appear. Networks can be like puzzles and the movement of devices or wires can result in unintended paths being opened or closed as a result.

"Picaw can manage and support your network infrastructure for you!"

In addition to our comprehensive maintenance packages for remote video, fire, security and access control systems, we can offer you full network infrastructure design, installation and 24/7 monitoring.

Wouldn't it be great to have your entire network looked after by one single team of experts who can respond to issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of where the fault occurs?

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If you'd like to add network infrastructure maintenance into your Picaw contract, call me on 0845 287 3622 and let's talk further about your specific needs.


Why not visit www.picaw.com and find out more?

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