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Hi, I'm Peter Williams, director of Picaw. We design, install and maintain remote video, fire and security systems in the retail, educational, hospitality and motor vehicle sectors. We've started blogging to let our clients and contacts know more about what we do ...

Picaw design, install and maintain fire, security, intruder detection, CCTV and access control.

Picaw design, install and maintain fire, security, intruder detection, CCTV and access control.

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I started developing remote video in a company called Oggle. This was founded in 2000 and it grew on a reputation of great service and seamless integration of remote video technology to help manage our clients operations.

"By 2010 it became clear that our clients wanted more from us!"

As our technology evolved and improved, I recognised an opportunity to add new services to our offering. Oggle was developing in a different direction so Picaw was created with a mission to not only provide remote video to manage our clients premises, but to incorporate intruder and fire security utilising remote management techniques, reducing customers total cost of ownership .

Picaw now specialises in providing customers who operate multiple sites, with custom design, installation and maintenance of:

  • Remote Video systems for remote site management

  • Intruder Detection with Remote Management and monitoring

  • Access Control with Remote Management

  • Fire Detection with Remote reporting and fault diagnosis

  • Network Infrastructure and control

We use the latest integrated networked technologies to make everything run smoothly and are constantly developing our systems and refining our processes.

It's fantastic to see all of our clients premises on our network maps, where they can zoom into any of our thousands of cameras, access controllers and intruder alarms to see what's going on - in both real and recorded time – and to help our clients effectively manage their remote sites.

To summarise, we design, install and maintain intelligent systems for fire and security, intruder detection, remote video, CCTV and access control. Our installations are designed with remote access and interaction to provide better performance, lower capital costs and minimise maintenance.

"We operate throughout the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland!"

All of our installations and maintenance is carried out by our own staff, each trained and certified in all our disciplines, to minimise disruption to customer's operations and reduce costs. All of Picaw’s operations are industry audited and certified to ensure customer compliance and protection!

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Did you know that everything we do is on a monthly subscription? One fee to get all the fire and security you need, all in one place, from one company. If you'd like to find out more then do call me on 0845 287 3622 and I'll tell you more.


Why not visit www.picaw.com and find out more?

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While working with Volvo in the late 70’s I realised the way forward in international component distribution was computing. I created a company distributing components for several international manufacturers using the 'new' computers of the day. I quickly realised we needed our own programs so started writing distribution software. I grew the company by developing the software until I eventually sold my shares 20 years later, but retaining the rights to the software. I continued developing the software and supplied it to several similar companies where the software is still used today.

During 1999, I was asked by a friend to develop a facility to video the live sea conditions on the south coast accessible on the internet. Working with a Linux software developer I created our first remote video application. The internet boom of 2000 allowed me to develop a commercial application forming the basis of our systems today.


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